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The nature of the human conscience is quite amenable to scientific inquiry.

Neuroscience is shedding light on many aspects of human behavior previously relegated to the domain of religion and mysticism.

We are now seeing that there is a neurological basis to human behavior in general and morality specifically.

Questions about the "morality" of recreational drug, for example, are answerable without reference to an objective morality. One can go back 200 years to the "harm reduction" ethical theories of John Stuart Mill and find answers to questions like these based on a set of ethical precepts derived from secular humanist principles.

Typically when one uses the term "objective morality" what you really mean are a set of rules developed by a bronze age nomadic/tribal society that didn't even understand germ theory and promulgated via holy books that are claimed to be the command of an invisible sky fairy. What these rules have in common is that they are xenophobic, genocidal, homophobic and misogynistic in nature and have nothing to offer modern society and in fact are a distinct threat to our global civilization.

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