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← Proposals to make worship optional in schools rejected by Peers

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Baroness Trumpington suggested “it did not matter if pupils were bored, did not like going to chapel or were not interested in religious matters at the age of 15, 16 or perhaps even 17. That daily event gave each pupil a background to which they could return in later life. It was very important to have.”

It did not matter. IT DID NOT MATTER!

Who the fuck do these fucktard bastard faithheads fucking think they fucking are, that they have a moral right to dictate to a sentient 17 year old that it DOES NOT MATTER if they want to fill his or her head with 2,000 year old superstitious bullshit that has no grounding whatsoever in any established fact, whether or not that person wants it.

And by the way, the imbecilic fucktard baroness seems to have forgotten that existing law allows 16 year olds and above to opt out anyway, regardless of parental (or her) wishes.

I'm speechless. And more than a little furious.

[P.S. The legal requirement, set down in 1944, is that the worship must be of a broadly Christian character.]

Wed, 26 Oct 2011 15:13:51 UTC | #884297