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I looked for somewhere to post this thought I had- so it's a bit like ad hoc relevance (my apologies in advance). I saw "The Exorcist" in it's entirety for the first time last night. One of Linda Blair's lines was "Your mother sucks cock (s-?) in HELL". The intended shock value of this line worked on me for about a millisecond. Like most people, I've thought a long time about the psychological aspects of sex. That particular line from the film instantly annoyed the hell (pun not intended) out of me (even as a male). The idea that the most degrading thing imaginable in Catholicism is fellatio, which surely is in the top 3 or 4 most common hetero sex acts, is incredibly immoral (subjectively, of coarse). This may be nothing new to people who have studied Freud and/or sexual morays, but for some reason, it struck me like a lightening. Again, apologies for the forced relevance to this post, but perhaps there is a good take by students or academia interested in Freud's work on the matter.

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