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BTW, Steven Pinker has a lot of interesting stuff to say about language and how it evolves. I'm currently reading "The Stuff of Thought" and at least in the early pages (as far as I've got) he talks about these things. Also, in The Blank Slate where he does a great job of demolishing a lot of preconceived notions about language and saying some very interesting things about how it evolved and is used. Actually, I would recommend any book he's ever written, he is a great writer and if you want to see some actual psychology that is real science he is a great place to start.

OK I've ordered a copy of Stuff'. Thanks for the recommendation. I watched part of a recent video of his posted here and found it less than convincing. Like I wanted to take issue with claim after claim. Anyhow, I'll bow to what you recommend and see how I digest it. Rarely do I read anything on the psychology side that at some point doesn't shout baloney and put me off the whole charade. It's as if most 'expert opinion' is riding high on a cow pat foundation. I want it not to - absolutely, so that maybe I can begin to understand how this stuff slots together better than if I simply use my own reasonings. To date no joy on this front! Science per se, however, has me struggling to keep up with just the basics!

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