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Are Freudian theories, in particular psycho-analysis, still useful in treating patients?

@Sjoerd -

Neuropsychology trumps Freudian psychoanalysis hands down. While Freud proposed some interesting theories, and instigated the field of analysis ("talk therapy") itself, unfortunately his conclusions were highly subjective, unfalsifiable, and unethical, to say the least.

Neuropsychology seeks to treat patients based on empirical evidence i.e. brain imaging scans, EEG, and standardised clinical assessments (WISC; WAIS; the Halstead-Reitan tests).

There is an emerging field known as Neuropsychoanalysis that seeks to merge research from both disciplines, which may of interest to both your friends, but Freudian theories, and practicies, will always fall short of empirical evidence and objectivity.

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