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I doubt the smell is toxic. That's fairly silly.

I'd say the result of this experiment is fairly easily explained.

This is an unnatural situation for the insect.

Evolution doesn't deal well with usually novel situations immediately. It takes generations to adapt.

Essentially the insect evolved to detect predator signs and to "become stressed" to get the hell outta there and watch itself.

But since this situation is forcing the insect to be continually stressed (it probably eats up more energy and forces whatever the insect has that mimics adrenaline to be constantly released)

Like overstressing a car motor pulling a trailer it was not designed to pull, for long distances.

The insect is not smart enough to figure out it is not in danger, just as a bee hive can overreact to be touched. It just reacts, like a little robot, to an unnatural situation. (CONSTANT predator stress, in nature, the insect would naturally either escape, or be eaten, not the constant middle ground)

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