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Comment 5 by Kantian

His formidable adversary William Lane Craig makes most of his significant philosophical ideas available in the public domain. A shame that Professor Dawkins doesn't follow suit.

Come off it. Dawkins' evolutionary ideas have been widely available in the public domain for have his arguments for atheism. Nobody who professes to have a grasp of English and who is interested in a sound grasp of the issues can have failed to have heard of Dawkins.

As for William Lane Craig, he's about as 'formidable' as a church doormouse. It consistently annoys me that even as an agnostic.....I could put forward better arguments for morality, meaning, and purpose, than WLC seems capable of. I guess that's because he's a theologian and knows next to nothing about philosophy.

Tue, 01 Nov 2011 20:03:03 UTC | #886093