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← Gingrich says atheists can’t be trusted, disregards 50 million secular Americans

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Now I don't know about anyone else but I value morality top and knowledge prety high up on my priorities. With morality comes fairness, respect and even love for other people. What does Newt Gingrich pray for? It cannot be for the well-being for others for that would involve compassion and without a sense of morality there cannot be compassion. A longer comment is in my blog.under liNewt Gingrich

I really don't think that morality has anything to do with respect or love.

One reason why I am non-religious is that I wish to live a moral life and at the same time respecting other peoples views even if I believe they are wrong. With religion that is not possible. Well I'm new to this Secular stuff but it's the nearest thing that does not involve a god and is close to my way of thinking.

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