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Here are some of the more amusing translation hiccups:

Richard wrote: The drawing skill, by contrast, is an analogue skill.
Spanish: Por contraste, la habilidad del dibujo es una habilidad análoga.
What it means: The drawing skill, by contrast, is an analogous skill.

Richard wrote: 'fool' (Latin insipiens)
Spanish: 'necio' (del latín insipiens)
What it means: 'fool' (from the Latin insipiens) [neither 'fool' nor the Spanish word 'necio' are related to 'insipiens' at all.]

Richard wrote: 'Oral Roberts University'
Spanish: 'La Universidad Oral de Robert'
What it means: 'The Oral University of Robert'

Richard wrote: sick and tired
Spanish: harto y cansado
What it means: sick and tired and tired

Richard wrote: think of the English words 'maid' and 'maiden'
Spanish: pensemos en las palabras inglesas 'criada' y 'doncella'
What it means: think of the English words 'criada' and 'doncella'

Richard wrote: any ubiquitous feature of a species - such as religion
Spanish: cualquier característica omnipresente en las especies – como la religión
What it means: any ubiquitous feature of life – such as religion ['las especies' refers to all species, so 'life' gives a similar feel to the Spanish]

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