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This is definitely true. It's been pretty obvious for a while that eventually there is going to be a serious coming-to-blows between Tea Party social conservative types and Libertarians who typically vote with the Republicans over how these sorts of issues are handled. My guess is that, at least at the national level, they can use the "out" of State's Rights and the 10th Amendment. I don't know how they resolve it at the state level though. I am actually kind of surprised that more Democrats don't point out this contradiction. Libertarians are a not-insignificant strain of the Tea Party and highlighting this sort contradiction might throw a(nother) nice sized monkey wrench into the primaries. Maybe they are saving that for the general election.

Comment 30 by Red Dog :

I know there are a few Libertarians who comment here once in a while. I'm just curios wouldn't you agree its an outrageous contradiction that the actual Libertarians in the US congress, people like Rand and Ron Paul support efforts like this? Talk about the ultimate in intrusive big government, getting between a woman and her doctor seems about as intrusive as you can get.

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