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Comment 9 by Stevehill :

Having first become a father in my fifties, I've lived on both sides of this fence. I always used to be infuriated by people who put "Baby on Board" stickers on the backs of their cars. I used to translate it as "Look at me! I'm fertile!", laced with a dose of wishful thinking that a driver likely to crash into the back of them might drive a bit better if he got close enough to read the sticker...

As a father of two toddlers, I still refuse to use such a sticker! But I digress.

Bravo! I agree entirely. I get so irate seeing those smug stickers that it actually makes me drive even more recklessly than normal. Even more mawkishly nauseating are the "princess on board" variety. It's the sanctimonious assumption that the driver behind is worse than them that's the issue; and the fact that emergency services regularly place their lives in danger at the scenes of accidents looking for non-existent "babies on board".

Sorry, just a particular bug-bear of mine.

Thu, 03 Nov 2011 09:49:42 UTC | #886759