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Perhaps someone should do a study of one or more university Theology faculties to come to some idea of what exactly is being taught, researched and published there. How much of it is the respectable stuff about real-world phenomena - biblical Greek and Hebrew, ancient and medieval philosophy, church history and so forth - and how much of it is languorous mind-wank premised irredeemably on the existence of beings for which there is no evidence at all? The criterion, surely, should be whether the work done is compatible with what goes on in the rest of academe - is it of any, even theoretical, interest or use to someone outside the charmed circle of theology? One could count up the lectures given, seminars held, tutorials administered, papers and books published (taking careful note of how funding is allocated for each) and come to some conclusion as to just how valid the department is. It wouldn't be difficult, yet it would, especially in these dark times of 80% funding cuts to humanities departments, raise valid questions as to whether we should continue to fund these people in our universities.

Admittedly I am slightly biased, having much cause to envy empty theologians their jobs because I have failed to secure an entry-level academic position of my own for the last two years in the very close field of Medieval intellectual history. But I hope I don't speak entirely from invidiousness here.

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