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Comment 10 by Richard Dawkins

Haught has done nothing to dispel my prior impression that, probably uniquely among named academic disciplines, theology is quite simply not a subject at all. Thomas Jefferson, when planning his beloved University of Virginia, said this: "A professorship of theology should have no place in our institution." His words should be applied to every university in the world.

Oh no, I've just registered in pursuit of such, I'm really interested in the details of how all this nonsense came about. Well, not a Professorship, per se, but a third level qualification at least.

Theology, in the sense of historical or literary studies of the bible, is a respectable academic subject, which a professor might decently pursue.

Thank Darby O'Gill about that, I'd hate to completely waste my time.

"Theology" (the quotation marks are deliberate) in the sense of the subject pursued by the likes of John Haught, is not a subject at all, and has no place in any real university.

Yer right, a no subject that should have no place at no seat of education. Apart from the 'bookcase metaphor', I thought Haught spoke mostly gobbledygook. I enjoyed Jerry's half hour though, even though the slides were out of shot and he could've come across a bit more assertive.

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