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Would it not have been easier to read the bit where Dawkins says he is using an apple IIe (which has a 6502 processor) and then look up the memory map to see where the speaker was located?

@stereoroid: one of the oldest storage mediums was magnetic core memory which consisted of a huge number (perhaps a thousand) of annular magnets woven into a fabric of current carrying conductors. By activating the conductors, it was possible to physically flip the magnets one way or the other,accompanied by a little 'chik' and thereby store a bit of information. Since it was possible to sense the orientation in similar fashion, the stored information could be read. Tremendous stuff, and powerful, in its way.
Now, what you have here is an electromechanical system which vibrates back and forth under the influence of a program and I am sure you know where this is going by now...
Let's just say that given the fragility and cost of such core memories, early development of memory based audio transducers was vehemently discouraged.

Now let's see if young master Graham-Cumming can reconstruct that! I, for one, would be hugely impressed.

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