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In that case, I wouldn't really call the Pauls genuine Libertarians. They can call themselves whatever they want but that doesn't mean they've understood the label correctly. Real Libertarians, even if they don't like abortion per se, still ought to be pro-choice, though perhaps with hefty does of pro-family planning.

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... It's been pretty obvious for a while that eventually there is going to be a serious coming-to-blows between Tea Party social conservative types and Libertarians

Sorry, I don't think my point was clear. My point is that when it comes to the way elected officials vote I essentially see no serious conflict between Libertarian Republicans and Tea Party republicans. Its total hypocrisy but people like Ron and Rand Paul who call themselves Libertarians are still all in favor of telling a woman what to do with her own body. I don't see any "coming-to-blows " at all and that makes me believe that the Libertarians are hypocrites.

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