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We have both the original and the Finnish translation of the God Delusion in our house. I read it in English, and out of curiosity checked how the translation fared. I read a few chapters in Finnish and am happy to state in my opinion the translation seems superb. You get a good sense of the original style, and there's a great flow to the text, so nothing seems to be lost in translation.

I also read Dennet's "Breaking the Spell" with the same person translating, and I swear I could hear Dennet's voice speaking Finnish.

What a wonderful recommendation. Thank you for this most helpful comment. If not too late, I'll ask that TMOR should go to the same translator. Do you recall her/his name?


Hi, Richard.

As someone already stated, his name is Kimmo Pietiläinen. He's a theoretical physicist and an author who owns the publishing company Terra Cognita. The company focuses mainly on scientific literature.

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