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I remember coming across that little passage and not doubting it was genuine rather than made up. Someone on the other side might wish to interpret that as meaning that Dawkins' acolytes believe everything he says in a religious sense, but that couldn't be wider of the mark. One can get the measure of a man from his writing if he does it well and everything I've read consistently gives the same impression: that nothing has been committed to paper without maximum reasonable certainty having been attained that it is correct, as far as one can know. It's backed up by the occasions when the admission is made that something may be imperfectly remembered or is being paraphrased because an original quote has not been found. (The opposite, in fact, of what one experiences when reading much of what emanates from the religious/creationist/ID camp. There was a Christian commentary I saw just after Oppenheimer's NYT piece on Flew appeared and one needed no information beyond reading them and seeing how the one misrepresented the other to see that there was a manifestly manipulative and dishonest agenda at work on the Christian side. The most open-minded person would be disinclined to believe anything coming from a Christian if that could be taken as the level of accuracy in the transmission of information. And they want us to take the Gospel literally...)

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