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The only book I've read in Russian of all the books by Professor Dawkins is "The Selfish Gene". The translation was made a long time ago, in the old Soviet Union, and it is quite a while since I've read it, but as far as I remember it was very well done.

All the newer books by Dawkins that I've read, I've read in English, but it seems to be no problem to find the Russian translations online, with no respect to copyright at all. I am afraid that Russia and its segment of the internet are notorious for all kinds of pirate activities. Anyhow, it took me a few seconds to find the translation of "The God Delusion", and I looked through the introduction and the beginnings of several chapters at random. All seemed to be extremely well translated. The website I've chosen for reading the book seems to be Ukrainian-based (.ua-domain) and it really did a good job of presenting the book, with great navigation, beautiful ornaments and all. Importantly, it gives the name of the translator, Natalya Smelkova, with 2 science editors: Alexandre Markov, Yelena Naymark. It is probably the latter who ensured the quality of the translation. The website also gives the picture of the book cover, which is the same as the one you get when you attempt to buy the book in an online store, so the translation here is indeed the one from the commercial edition.

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