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This story is both uplifting and depressing. Uplifting for Justin, sure. But depressing because America is the only country on earth where something like this would even be considered remotely newsworthy.

In the UK, say, if you want an non-religious oath (e.g. to attest in court or swear an affidavit or whatever), you can have one. And nobody gives a damn. And we don't even have a Pledge of Allegiance with the Cold War 1950's bowdlerisation of the Founding Fathers' intentions by adding the redundant words "under God".

America is like some vast genetic engineering experiment where the rationalism genes were removed at the embryo stage. There are, thank Darwin, a few mutants like Jerry Coyne left though. We live in hope.

Sat, 05 Nov 2011 06:12:37 UTC | #887516