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Although religious groups from different faiths are allowed, theoretically, the three monotheistic religions are supposed to worship the same god.

Except that Christians don't believe in the god of the Muslims or of the Jews, the Muslims don't believe in the god of the Christians or the Jews and the Jews don't believe in the god of the Christians or the Muslims. Other than that, he's EXACTLY the same guy.

They all believe in Abraham, though.:-)

Quite true, however, I do remember an xtian visiting this site about a year or so ago, who became somewhat irate that people here failed to understand that xtians, muslims and jews all believed in the same god. But he did bow out rather rapidly when asked why they had their own magic books and why they took to slaughtering each other with such relish, simply because the religious rival of the time may well believe in and worship the same god but they just don't do it correctly

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