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It blows my mind that some campuses would not allow this. If we did this with a Muslim group or a Jewish group it would be blatantly wrong, but with nonbelievers it is OK? That is sad.

I work for a University here in the UK. There is not the same obvious prejudice against atheists as in the US, but I have to say that on campus we have the Christian Union, the Jewish society, the Islamic Students group, the Buddhist society, the Sikh society, each with their own chaplain on call. I think there is even an incipient Wiccan group (sigh). However, as yet no secular or freethinkers society, even though I would think it extremely likely that non-belief scores highly in our student population. Another example that cats don't feel the need to be herded, I guess.

Sun, 06 Nov 2011 04:43:17 UTC | #887779