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For me the litmus test of whether this is fair would be a hypothetical situation where you had a purely atheist learning institution. Would that permit closet theists to have a club under the same umbrella? Tricky to say as most such institutions are secular, but for the sake of argument would you permit a messageboard purely for the theists in our midst on RD net to exchange ideas and discuss god between themselves? It's hard to find a direct correlation. The wider issue is whether there should be such things as Catholic schools and Universities in a supposedly secular society, but given that there are such places it's hardly a surprise that they won't fund an atheist club. I have a friend who joined a buddhist commune, then decided he wasn't a buddhist anymore and went on to some other sect. He still lingered in the buddhist commune for a year or two after jacking in his belief, in spite of his bedsit being set aside for believers. I'm no theist, but I would say what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If we don't support theistic splinter groups under our own institutional remits it's a bit unfair to expect expressly Catholic universities to fund the atheists in their midst.

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