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Comment 1 by Atheist Mike :

...I have a bit of a problem with that. It's a religious school, yes it's stupid but what's even more silly is going against the specific requirement of a specific institution. If they don't want to have to pretend to be catholics they simply shouldn't be in a Catholic school.

It's not so simple. I went to a Catholic college. It was the one best suited to me because of a number of factors: It was the only one in my area that would accept the credits I had accrued at another institution; it had the program I wanted; it was the size I was looking for (small), and so on. Should I have had to go to a school that was a poor fit for me just so I was treated equally?

What I have a problem with is someone actually believing it's wrong for secular colleges to discriminate against religious students, but it's alright for religious (even nominally religious) colleges to discriminate against nonreligious students.

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