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Although religious groups from different faiths are allowed, theoretically, the three monotheistic religions are supposed to worship the same god.

Except that Christians don't believe in the god of the Muslims or of the Jews, the Muslims don't believe in the god of the Christians or the Jews and the Jews don't believe in the god of the Christians or the Muslims. Other than that, he's EXACTLY the same guy.

They all believe in Abraham, though.:-)

That's overly simplistic. The Muslims do believe in Jesus and Mary. They are mentioned several times in the Koran and Jesus is seen as one of the most important prophets of Islam. They just don't believe in the holy trinity idea which wasn't in the new testament and was an add on of the Catholic church. And the Christians do believe in the old testament God. They believe that Jesus is the mesiah that was prophesised in the old testament. In fact the "old testament" is more or less just the original Jewish bible or Torah.

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