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...I have a bit of a problem with that. It's a religious school, yes it's stupid but what's even more silly is going against the specific requirement of a specific institution. If they don't want to have to pretend to be catholics they simply shouldn't be in a Catholic school.

It's not so simple. I went to a Catholic college. It was the one best suited to me because of a number of factors: It was the only one in my area that would accept the credits I had accrued at another institution; it had the program I wanted; it was the size I was looking for (small), and so on. Should I have had to go to a school that was a poor fit for me just so I was treated equally?

What I have a problem with is someone actually believing it's wrong for secular colleges to discriminate against religious students, but it's alright for religious (even nominally religious) colleges to discriminate against nonreligious students.

I can't see it. I could never have gone to a Catholic college. Even if you are studying the hard sciences you still have to take some classes in liberal arts and those classes will be incredibly biased in terms of how they view history, philosophy, and religion. Also, its hard for me to believe that you are really going to find the best engineers and scientists teaching at a Catholic college anyway.

And in any case going to college is as much about the experience of meeting and debating with peers and professors. Why would any non-catholic choose to go to a Catholic school and have to interact with primarily a bunch of Catholics? How boring. And when you go to a Catholic school aren't you supposed to sign something as part of the admission that says you agree with their core beliefs?

I agree these people should have the right to organize and its wrong for the college to discriminate. But I just can't understand why any atheist would choose to go to a Catholic college in the first place.

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