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When "Distort D'Newza" first talked after Dennett he was PANICKED. Anyone who has seen him in other debates would have noticed. I suspect that this was because Dennett's opening was full of points for the affirmative "God is a manmade invention." If you have seen the other debates you will have noticed that "Distort D'Newza" desperately moved away from the content of Dennett's opening and moved onto ground he was more comfortable on.

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT WORKED!!!! Dennett was so flustered by all the army of straw men that "Distort D'Newza" created that the debate shift onto the negative side of the assertion "God is a manmade invention", and hardly touched on the affirmative.

Am I the only one who sees that forcefully and articulately presenting the affirmative for the assertion "God is a manmade invention" is far more important than attacking the weaknesses in the arguments on the negative side?

This is a debate, the strategy has to match!

The challenges have to all end with something simple and "on message" such as "and that exactly what you would expect when the Christian God is imaginary", or "what Stalin shows is the danger of ideas. Do you get that God is an idea, and invention like Sherlock Holmes?"

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