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On curiosity: there's absolutely nothing wrong with being curious. I'm all for it. I'm that way inclined myself. The reason I (and I suspect, others) are saying this person might have a little too much time on his hands is as a comment on what he chose to be curious about. Again - the actual value of the bit pattern was completely irrelevant to the point RD was using it to make. What would this person have said had he discovered that RD had just made up the codes? What would it have mattered? Not a jot. This is what's known as idle curiosity and yes, that can be distracting, but usually only for the person experiencing it. So I find the idea that this guy thinks it worth posting about... well, sort of geeky, to put it politely. Hence the "get a life" comment. No biggie, though. Just an observation. I should probably get a life. :-)

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