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Comment 99 by Jumped Up Chimpanzee : Most people don't "come to faith", they are indoctrinated as children into believing it, and this is enforced by a carot and stick approach of promising reward for believing and punishment for not believing. This has such a deep psychological impact that even many very intelligent and otherwise rational adults are unable ever to shake it off.

I'm aware that your view is the orthodoxy in these parts, so much so that it is almost fruitless to point out that many young adults brought up in a Christian household experience a period of doubt from which they emerge either confirmed in their faith or free of it.

The existence of such an orthodoxy explains why Rowan Williams is such a disappointment to some here: he is not prepared to be dogmatic like a 'proper bishop', and does not come out with 'evidence' for the faith that can be ridiculed or dismissed without personal engagement. What's worse, he offers neither the promise of a reward for belief nor the threat of punishment for disbelief. The only possible crumb of comfort is that he disappoints the extreme evangelical wing of the church in exactly the same way.

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