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Is there any reason in particular why this is featured on the RDF's website? Should we take this to mean that the RDF is sympathetic to the message? If so, please let us know so those of us who still care about truth, critical thinking and intellectual honesty can make sure not to touch the RDF with a ten foot pole in the future. link text

Reform the IPCC for the sake of science - by Matt Ridley

Despite coming from a long line of coal-mining entrepreneurs, I’m not a “denier”: I think carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. I’m not even a sceptic (yet): I think the climate has warmed and will warm further. But I am now a “lukewarmer” who has yet to see any evidence saying that the current warming is, or is likely to be, unprecedented, fast or tending to accelerate.

So I have concluded that global warming will most probably be a fairly minor problem — at least compared with others such as poverty and habitat loss — for nature as well as people. After watching the ecologically and economically destructive policies enacted in its name (biofuels, wind power), I think we run the risk of putting a tourniquet round our collective necks to stop a nosebleed.

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