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To Hideous Dwarf:

Of all the great religions, the Climate Change orthodoxy is merely the latest and probably the most profitable for its priests, but speaking from past experience of discussions on this subject, I do take a certain pride in being lumped in with creationists by the educated members of this excellent forum.

Do you actually ever contribute with anything else than your tiresome whining? Who says Matt Ridely is a lunatic? Oh, no one. It's just yet another strawman about how unfair you honourable contrarians are treated. Being sacrificed on the altar of intellectual integrity for not being member of the AGW cult. Yeah, yeah! We've heard it all before. Poor you...

Just a small piece of advice to you. When you stop whining and actually add some substance to your comments people will start taking you seriously. No one likes a cry baby!

Tue, 08 Nov 2011 17:39:25 UTC | #888686