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Matthew White Ridley, journalist, writer, and businessman... non-executive chairman of the UK bank Northern Rock before the collapse... wrote "The Rational Optimist"... famous by his libertarian views and support for free market policies...

Well, despite being also a supporter of the BHA (to his credit), this man has clearly a very personal view, an agenda or, at least, a vested interest that some economic agents should go on unencumbered by any austere regulations aiming to reduce greenhouse gases emissions (or carbon taxes) that might hit the fat profits. I get suspicious when anyone starts saying that "the medicine can be worse than the disease" and advocates a "do nothing yet" as the most rational solution.

I might be wrong, sure, but I wouldn't take his words at face value without very strong supporting evidence. Especially because his discourse might be tainted by the same bias he accuses many others to espouse.

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