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He is right predicting the future is not an exact science. At best we speculate and provide some evidence to support our claims. However in this matter there are two possible outcomes: Global warming will be a damp squid or it will be catastrophic. We accept that CO2 is a green house gas and the amount of CO2 has increased dramatically through human activity. Given that we can never be 100% sure how the future will pan out because of the complexity of the system we are trying to model and the limits of the tools at our disposal. In such a scenario the prophecy of doom must take precedence over the prophecy of bliss. Should we do nothing we may reach a tipping point where we are no longer able to reverse the effects of the green house gas on climate change. We therefore have a moral duty to the future of existing life forms on earth to act in a way that will not put any of them at risk.

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