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Did Dawkins just make that up, or is this really the contents of a specific bit of memory on a specific computer?

"When oi were a lad..." An old geek writes:
It seems all but impossible when dealing with a modern laptop with a couple of GIGAbytes of memory to remember that in those days, the total address space was only 64K, and it was possible to maintain a mental map of what was where in memory. I seem to recall that Apple published the code of their ROM, complete with addresses of all the subroutines (IBM did too, for the PC, along with the circuit diagrams). When writing code in assembler to fit in tiny spaces of available RAM, it was advantageous to call ROM routines directly, saving time and space. The Apple ][ even had its disk access code in the same ROM, complete with routines to read a byte at a time from the diskette, move the heads etc...

Ah! Happy Days :)

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