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Comment 5 by SomersetJohn :

I think it might be worthwhile separating those who are truly guilty, the church royalty, and the followers of the RCC. I'm not defending the beliefs of the followers, but the vast majority of believers are not the problem.

Others have said it but I think its so important that its worth repeating. If it weren't for the followers who put money in the collection plates every Sunday the Church royalty would be bankrupt. If it weren't for the followers who still often vote the way the royalty tell them to the royalty would have no political power.

If anything, it seems to me the followers are the ones who need to be targeted. The royalty are the small percentage of greedy, immoral people who will do whatever they can to further their power. To paraphrase JC they will always be with us. The followers are the ones who should and often do know better but still support the royalty. They are the enablers.

Thu, 17 Nov 2011 02:21:41 UTC | #890907