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Comment 5 by SomersetJohn :

I think it might be worthwhile separating those who are truly guilty, the church royalty, and the followers of the RCC. I'm not defending the beliefs of the followers, but the vast majority of believers are not the problem. It is the tiny group the princes of the church who are the problem, the cardinals, and their elected king.

No, I'm sorry but that's too easy. Those bishops and cardinals and their elected king would have exactly NO power if those hundreds of millions of "innocent and misguided" followers weren't ready to do their bidding, to vote, in the majority, as they are told - for candidates who toe Mother Church's line; if they weren't ready to join huge "family day" demonstrations (as was the case in my country of origin, Italy) against civil unions, abortion, secular education, you name it.

They cannot and should not be separated from the guilty because it is thanks to them that the guilty cause damage. The bishops and cardinals may be the generals, but they are the - very willing - soldiers. Even those who buy condoms for themselves - because in the end they will vote for the regional governor who tries to deny the day-after pill to women - for example in Milan, where in most RCC-managed hospitals it is, in effect, unavailable and even where it isn't, 90% of doctors have a right to "conscientious objection" and won't prescribe it, with the blessing of the local government and of the majority of Catholics who elect it.

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