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I just wanted to reply to this message from SomersetJohn, as I believe it points out one of the flaws of people who are too left wing (I am a lefty myself, but I find too many people are too accepting and forgiving in some cases).

First, this is the comment I am replying to,

"SomersetJohn I think it might be worthwhile separating those who are truly guilty, the church royalty, and the followers of the RCC. I'm not defending the beliefs of the followers, but the vast majority of believers are not the problem. It is the tiny group the princes of the church who are the problem, the cardinals, and their elected king. They live in an insulated fantasy world entirely divorced from reality. They should be targeted for exposure of their anti-human outpourings and any wrongdoing they are guilty of. When they lie, expose the lies. When they are wrong, expose why and how they are wrong.When they are stupid, show how and why."

While I agree that the believers themselves are not involved directly with all the problems within the Catholic Church, they still allow it to go on by not speaking out against it effectively. It is the same with the moderate Muslims. They do not accept the root causes of the problems stemming from their own book and they make claims of Islamaphobia, even when an intelligent person actually has a point.

Catholics however, still revere the pope and the system in which the church operates. They still do not accept that their missionaries who they donate money to (as they believe they are only doing good) are actually causing more problems in the countries they are supposed to be helping. Africa is the main one that sprouts to mind. Every time a follower of Catholicism attends a Catholic Church and gives money to the Catholic cause, they are allowing for all these evils to go on. Do I expect them to boycott or demand a new system, no, because their minds are closed shut and taught to accept their "divine" dictators, who have about as much intelligence and life experience as a wet sock.

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