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On the rape and abortion thing, if this news is shocking to anyone, then you are not good at following your opponents' logic.

If: Embryo = human
And: killing a human = murder
Then: Rape <> excuse to kill an embryo

It wouldn't make any sense to allow what they consider to be murder just because the embryo's father is a rapist. Can we also kill living children if their father was a rapist? That sounds like a ridiculous comparison to people who don't think that an embryo is worth as much as a 10-year old, but a lot of the abortion opponents DO believe that. To them, asking for "exemptions" is as sick as standing by and doing nothing while a living child is beaten to death. That's the logical equivalent of the religious "moderation" which we all recognize as lunacy on other issues.

If you want to oppose these nuts, you have to start at the foundation of the problem: Embryos have no brain, no "soul", no thoughts or feelings, and are not to be treated as full humans.

This is a statement from another user on this site from ages ago, so credit to whoever that was.

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