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Before we Brits wade in with criticism, and believe me Im one of the first to apply the old Dr Martens Boot to the face of yanks for allowing their political and judcial systems to be turned into a theocratic whorehouse, bear in mind that under the Conservatives the UK is becoming ever more theocratcally influenced.

The Cons, increasingly the party that allows evangelcals and other noisy religious batshit crazies a voice, has allowed a pack of anti-abortionist evangelcals a seat at the table on womens health boards. Despite denying it they are allowing the faith academies to subvert educatonal standards and inject theocratc fantasy into our kiddies heads.

The song of christian persecuton is one sung both sides of the Atlantic:

This is the peril of allowing the faith deluded to have any part in secular societies, and for any secular society that allows or excuses any form of religious bigotry.

The answer is of course relatvely simple. Exclude ALL faith groups from any role in secular society....and you can include endng all tax breaks and exemptions in that. Separate churches from government totally, or contnue suffering from their influence on society. There is no real middle ground.

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