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← Girls Beaten and Raped? Or The Catholic Church? Who are the victims?

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The Catholic hierarchy, on the other hand, the outfit taking in millions in tax revenue, claims that they are the victims in this controversy. They claim that, unless they get our tax money for these practices, they are having their religious liberty violated. Yes. You read that right. According to the Catholic Church hierarchy, THEY are the victims.

It sounds like you're suggesting mutual exclusion, as though both victims of rape and the Catholic Church can't both be victims, and implying that the Catholics aren't acknowledging these girls are being victims, too.

But I agree with your main point. The Catholic Church shouldn't get any money for these services if they can't do it non-religiously. Naturally, they're trying yet again to break the Establishment Claus of the First Amendment... they've been commanded by a holy book to do so. They can't "proclaim the gospel" and act in a secular fashion at the same time. It's fair enough to exclude the Church right off the bat - even if they promise to keep their religion out of it - because you know it's always going to come to this, based on precedent.

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