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Great piece by Sean, and good for Obama for getting off the fence.

But there's nothing new here is there? The RCC abandoned its longstanding support for Amnesty International when Amnesty decided it might be OK to have an abortion if you'd been raped by an enemy soldier as an act of terrorism in a war. Because, you know, you might not want to carry your rapist's child to term.

Doctors in Nicaragua (and many other countries) cannot perform abortions even to save the mother's life. They are threatened with excommunication by the local bishops. And with criminal penalties, because the RCC mafia "owns" the government.

In Nicaragua, in the first five months of 2009 alone, 33 women died in consequence, some of them young girls. (In pretty well all of these cases the baby the RCC claims to be protecting would have died too).

The RCC is a force for evil in the world: it does more harm than good.

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