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The main issue here apart from this courageous woman's protest is Sean's point that the media tip toe around religious loons every time they start pontificating and roaring about things that simply don't matter.

Absolute lunacy is reported with the utmost deference as if it were perfectly reasonable to think and act like a gibbering imbecile. I couldn't find a word of condemnation in the scotsman article against the attitudes of those attacking her.

So I'll have a go at beign disrespectful on their behalf:

Mysognistic muslims in Egypt with more problems than spare time on their hands have caused an uproar of self righteous indignation because A WOMEN’S rights campaigner posted nude pictures of herself on her blog in protest over limits on free expression. A woman undressing and exciting their uncontrollable male urges is bad enough but she had the gall to do it to draw attention to the exact oppressive behaviour that is now evident in their responses. The fact that a naked woman has caused them no harm whatsoever has hardly dissuaded them from behaving like a ruck of gynaephobic cretins.

Does that sound too harsh?

Mon, 21 Nov 2011 14:07:37 UTC | #891993