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@ comment 11 mmurray

So if I'm on the top floor of a building site and yelling "what time is it?" does that mean I am implying that the most important thing about this person is their time piece?

Is it less offencive if I'm gay and I shout it at another guy? BTW I think this analogy is as weak as your comparison of "she looks fantastic" with "show us your tits."

In my mind if someone is taking their clothes off to make a point the only inappropriate thing you can say is "what a fat ugly cow." That would just be rude and missing the point. Pointing out how wonderful she looks is exactly the point to the people who want her to cover up.

Having said that the bar is so low with the muslims that the attractiveness of their women is actually why they expect them to cover up in order to help the men not rape them. So we've a long way to go before we can use "enlightened" ideas to battle their sexism, oh dear.

@ Aliaa Magda Elmahdy - you look fantastic (with your clothes on or off)! Keep up the good work and good luck, I think you'll need it.

Also what has Michael got against people yelling from the lower floors of buildings?

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