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It is disturbing that religion routinely removes rights from people as it regards sex (birth control, the positions one is allowed to do it in, how people should dress) and literally contradicts their doctrine with their behavior on every rule they create.

With women, it gets a thousand times worse becauseof the perception many religions (the abrahamic faiths especially) have of them. Thanks to people claiming biblical doctrine as the rule women get blamed for everything from the fall from grace to the fall of prophets to the base rape and violation for any number of reasons given some justification by doctrine.

Who even in the ancient world would be happy to just wake up pregnant only to find out your deity decided to impregnate you? What child thinks in the ancient world that being married to a much older prophet is the life they should lead? Rights don't exists in these scenarios, options are not given.

So when people take that sort of thinking seriously, it never ends well.

And when others enable it....

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