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Rather than just commenting about the lady in question why not hear from her instead?

A translation of the words on her blog that I found in the comments on Maryam Namazie's blog entry on this: (I have not linked as I suspect that that the moderator is keeping the jobs of those who don't think about 'safe for work?' before clicking on links, but it is easily found)...

“Put nudist models who worked at the (Egyptian) Faculty of Fine Arts until the early seventies on trial, conceal the art books and break the naked archaeological statues. Then take off your clothes and look at yourselves in the mirror, and burn your bodies that you despise in order to get rid of your sexual complexes forever… before you hit me with your racist insults or deny me my freedom of expression!”

So what do we have here?

Well, we have a realisation that the line between art, erotic representations and porn can be merely temporal; we have the knowledge that our representations of ourselves as physical things has been treated as fully legitimate in many other societies - without inevitable moral decline or thunderbolts from above; we have the understanding that many of us know so little about the workings and appearance of our own bodies that we cannot help but treat any body as a source of discomfort and fear; we have the depressing understanding that many externalise their dislike of themselves, displacing their fear of ever losing control over their feelings and environment onto others - those whom they deem 'out of control', and we have the final realisation that that this fear and anger leads to the oppression of those who spark those uncomfortable thoughts into being.

So, in that short paragraph have an understanding of art, history, politics and psychology packed into few words. Words that are bound together with some righteous fury and an individualistic spirit: intellect and heart combined. What is there about her not to admire about her motivations? Nothing!

Now, a word on what else it is appropriate to admire, and when, for those that seem confused. Some question and answers first...

Q.What is she railing against?
A. Being told how she must be as a women, how she must present herself, told to care about those who would both deny her permission to dress in a given way, and also tell her how to dress in a certain way.

Q. Whose views does she give credence to?
A. Her own.

Q. What reactions does she care about?
A. Her own. (There is a addendum on this one as I suspect she would rather that any reactions shown were not violent towards her or those she loves).

So, the evidence is that she treats the views of those who would clothe her in purdah with unconcern. How then does she treat the views of those who would tell her not to clothe herself too much? With even less concern than those who would seek to cover her, I strong suspect. For, laudably, there is no threats associated with this.

Now, for those who are still not getting my point, I am now going to be a little more direct than normal - for I find myself getting frustrated at the lack of listening going on. The moderator may edit as s/he chooses. The bottom line gentleman is:

It is not about your dick.

It really isn't. For those who seek to clothe her, for the sight of her body makes their dick bother them:

It is not about your dick.

For those who seek to disrobe her, for the sight of her body makes their dick happy:

It is not about your dick.

It really is remarkable simple. What she has done is about her - not about you. She does not need your disapproval and she does not need your approval. She does not care if you are turned on or not for ... you guessed it :) ...

It is not about your dick.

I do hope that makes things clearer. BTW Kudos to Mr Faircloth for dealing with the matter perfectly, with gentle amusement at the fuss of those outraged, without prudery or prurience, combined with humane concern for those without free expression.

P.S. Someone saying "It is not about your dick" does not equal a prude. This is just someone who does not care about your dick. Please don't get upset about this - it is not insult, merely a statement of fact. Be reasonable. Not every can be as interested as you in the 'other guy' - just as not everyone can be as interested as you in that funny dream you had last night. Just as talking about; for hours; how odd it was that you found yourself in Vienna; a shopping trolley; with a hippo, is boring, I am afraid to say that your dick is also boring.


Now, I am sure that it is very nice and all, and I really do hope you enjoy it, but can I suggest that on fora where you would not bother people recounting your dreams you do not also talk about ... you know ... Little Joe.

It really would be so much nicer if that could be accepted and people could move on.

Thanks all :))

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