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This demonstrates the power of religion to corrupt and it is a serious problem. When god's law is seen to contradict society's laws then the latter must be changed. This is not an extremist view, it's a very simple idea, which might appeal to sufficient voters to make it happen.

I find what's happening in US politics to be quite scary. Living in a democracy is fine but if a sufficiently large proportion of the electorate are brainwashed sheep, following a holy shepherd, then it's bye bye democracy. Education and enlightenment has never been more important.

I grew up in a catholic family and went to church here in the UK until I was old enough to dodge attending without upsetting my Father, who was a believer. A few years ago I attended a christian church service in the US. I was invited to a friend's house for the weekend and he wanted me to attend his church. I wasn't interested but decided to go as a thankyou for his hospitality, for all the beer, letting me shoot various guns in his back yard and letting me zoom around town on his ATV.

I was stunned by one of the messages in the sermon. It was something I'd never heard in the UK and would never expect to. The priest called upon the congregation to support the state of Israel because the Jews were god's chosen people and therefore giving them aid was his will.

We live in interesting times.

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