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Comment 4 by Cartomancer :

The very fact that the prayers and jingoistic effrontery at the beginning last for thirty-six minutes

What went wrong? And, more importantly, how are we going to set it right again? Carl Sagan, in the mid 90s, seemed to think this sort of thing was an inevitable consequence of declining educational standards in American schooling.

I would say it has been a consequence of relativism, the notion that there can be competing versions of reality and that it is offensive to question somebodies beliefs about reality; coupled with a general anti - science movement that is an alliance of anti-progess lefties and anti state fundamentalists. Rationality and reason, the ideals of the enlightenment are no longer ideals for most people. Because it is no longer cool to be sceptical or rationale its open season for any idea as long as it has an appeal to somebody. Its not just religion that is rampant; new age practices, alternative medicines and so on are now huge industries with real political clout. As to how you reverse the decline of reason, I have no idea but I would be interested to hear peoples opinions. Education does not exist in a bubble and is not a 'magic bullet'

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