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While you can take the simple political position that through lack of education (and more often misinforming education) as well as political obfuscation that these are just attempts to appeal to a political base. The problem is the undercurrent of the zealous religious views that have not only existed for a long time in this country but are being encouraged more and moderated less.

I agree that there is no magic bullet, but part of that is because there is no one simple front that we can take to eliminate the whole problem. Education would be a great start and is a necessary part of the process. But what of the people that don't accept what is scientifically proven? What does one do to fight the ignorance embraced by the religious that refuse to accept the truth about existence and themselves?

This is a problem that didn't happen overnight, and there's going to be a long haul to push progress forward in the minds of the zealously faithful.

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 13:45:29 UTC | #892276