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These pandering scumbags would tear down the Jefferson Memorial and replace it with a large statue of a hanging tortured corpse. These evil minions of oil and finance want to ruin the planet while cramming Jesus F. Christ down our gullets. (yes, the 'F' is for 'fictional')

I, for one, will not silently submit to the crescendo of psychotic godness that is ruining a great country and soiling our international reputation. They've had their say. Now it's time for full-throated rebukes of their ancient delusions and of their wholesale rewriting of history. I honestly feel that atheists are being baited to come forward to serve as evil foils in the election year passion play of the right-wing manipulators. That is from an excuse to remain silent and thereby tolerant of the growing religious menace.

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 13:47:39 UTC | #892278