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Finally heard from another American who is pulled in two directions like me (Comment 11 by Free2011).  I'm a Republican too, and I don't know how the hell to vote this time around, with the Republican party taken over by theocrats. I'm almost ready to defect....

I don't know how any one could call themselves a Republican after their racist party has intentionally tried to sabotage the country just to insure they get elected in 2012. And anyone with an IQ above a typewriter could see that fact plain as day. The current Republican party is a cancer within the US.

And I am not a Democrat.

I am, and I just want to offer that aligning yourself with a political party needn't mean that you support everything that even most of it does.

Republican candidates are notoriously more openly religious, yet there are plenty of atheists (here, even) that vote Republican.

Democrats are largely opposed to nuclear power and prone to using ‘tolerance’ as a euphemism for ‘condescending ignorance’, whilst I'd like to think this doesn't apply to me.

I've met a lot of Republicans this year that are dumbfounded by the 2012 candidates and feeling very divorced from their party.

You get the idea.

It's good that they dislike the 2012 candidates. But what about the actions of the party for the past couple decades, especially the past 3 years? That is far more deplaurable than the bad representation they will recieve in 2012.

Their politics are now so skewed to the right that the only way they can get 49% of the population to vote for them is to nose-dive to country and blame it on the democrats. Otherwise that brainwashed 49% wouldn't vote for the plutarchy that the Republicans advocate.

I didn't know Democrats were opposed to nuclear power.... Even if they were, its not necessarily a bad thing. Its at best a stepping stone, as we would run out of uranium within another 30 ish years. Also, Wind and Solar, true green technology that offers unlimited clean energy, are now just as cheap as Nuclear.

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