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Are the democrats as religious as this?

You only have to listen to a few speeches made by Obama to realize that the democrats have jumped upon the religious bandwagon long ago. Of course, democrats are in denial of this, they think Obama is a secret atheist and must therefore be fine, without realizing that is the same game played by the republicans and the neoconservative agenda.

I have often said that religion is evil, well the same can be said of politics. Nothing good can come from it. In fact, religion is politics, at least the bits we criticize, actual religion or spirituality, which we largely ignore, is actually insightful.

That is why I don't understand my fellow atheists who think that separating church and the state somehow solves the problem of religion, when the American form of secularism has made religion literally above the law, or that secular politics is somehow healthy and good.

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 14:52:58 UTC | #892302